How to submit a paper

The journal is focused on the rapid electronic publication of scientific papers devoted to research of actual problems of modern mathematics and computer science. Articles are accepted in Russian or English language by e-mail Sultanakhmedov@Gmail.Com.

In the text of the letter author's request to consider his work for publishing should be expressed in any form. The attachement to the letter must contain TEX-file with text of the article prepared using standard LaTeX commands and library system, and PDF-file compiled from it.

The article should contain a summary (abstract) and keywords. The magazine does not consider the articles submitted for publication in another journal. All articles received by the editorial board, are reviewed. After the editorial board decision on publication, author will be asked to send

a) translation of summary (abstract) and keywords both into the Russian and English languages, the name of the article in Russian and English.

b) the original LaTeX-file prepared using the style file on the proposed template.

In this file it is not allowed the use of complex LaTeX-determinations and determinations from other files, as well as other packages, in addition to a package of support for Cyrillic and AMS-standard characters. Failure to do so, and untidiness in the design of the article can serve as a reason for its rejection. Using complex graphics in article, not provided by the standard LaTeX source, can be discussed individually.

Download article template