Approximation theory

Daghestan Electronic Mathematical Reports: Issue 12 (2019)

The study of magnetic dendrimer models by the Wang-Landau method

UDK: 537.9

Pages: 1 - 12

By the Wang-Landau algorithm of the entropy Monte Carlo method the thermodynamic properties of the magnetic dendrimers at different values of the exchange interaction are studied. The density of states of the system are calculated and the magnetic structure of the ground state defined. The temperature dependence of the various thermodynamic parameters, such as the magnetization m, entropy S, the internal energy E and the heat capacity C are calculated. It is shown that in the studied model dendrimer magnetic influence of surface units in the overall picture of the system behavior with increasing system size unabated.

Keywords: Dendrimers, magnetism, phase transition, the structure of the ground state, the density of states, the Wang-Landau algorithm, Monte Carlo method.

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